Eric S. I 40+, Managing Director (Paris)
M’aider dans mes nouvelles fonctions

“A l’issue de cet accompagnement je dispose de nouvelles clés pour gérer mon équipe, les situations/personnalités difficiles. J’ai pris conscience de ce que recouvrait la notion de leadership dans ma fonction et les nouveaux réflexes requis par ma fonction et l’environnement spécifique à mon entreprise”.



Stéphanie S. I 40+, Co-directrice Europe, Organisation internationale (Paris)
Développer mon leadership
Le coaching dont j’ai bénéficié m’a permis de m’aider à prendre toute ma place en tant que femme au sein de ma structure. De part sa très bonne connaissance des spécificités de la gestion d’une carrière au féminin, Caroline m’a aidée à me révéler. J’ai également beaucoup apprécié le plus que procure sa grande expérience et sa formation à l’international.”



Xavier C. I 55+, Membre d’un comité de direction, manager d’une équipe de 15 personnes (Paris)
Gérer les tensions au sein de mon équipe, développer mon leadership

“A l’issue de cet accompagnement je me sens plus apaisé, je dispose de nouvelles clés pour gérer mon équipe, les situations et personnalités difficiles”.



Béatrice E. I 30 +, Top Talent, Intégrateur international (Paris)
Accéder à un post de premier plan
“Cet accompagnement est un ‘must have’ pour rentrer sainement et sereinement dans le monde du travail. Je suis ravie de l’avoir réalisé avec Caroline dont l’expertise est irréprochable.”



Julia K. I 25 +, Top talent, Organisation internationale (Londres)
Situation de pré-burnout, place des émotions au travail
“De part sa grande finesse d’analyse, Caroline m’a permis de mieux me connaitre, m’aider à canaliser mon énergie afin d’assurer ma progression au sein de la structure, sans me renier tout en gardant un équilibre indispensable. J’ai repris goût au travail.”



Edward Burns I 40 + , MD CEO Advocate Art (UK)
Leadership coaching
“Caroline brings a new perspective to coaching – she has a very perceptive ability to extract the right solution for me…quickly”




Deanna Novak, 30 + (Greenwich CT – USA)
Coaching for entrepreneurs – Intensive coaching
“Caroline is a trusted advisor. She helped me actualize my creative vision and personal projects into a business model and website that I could share with others. She understood the value of my mission, but most importantly she gave my individual strengths the focus they needed to keep my project a real reflection of who I am, what I love, and where I am going next. She has given real strength to my confidence as a teacher, artist and mother. Thank you, Caroline !”



Elizabeth Imm, SAP BWN Board Member (Levallois Perret)
Workshop for a Business Women’s Network
“Caroline is a gregarious and sharp person who is a pleasure to work with. She brought considerable value to the French chapter of the Business Women’s Network @ SAP. This session remains on of the highlights of BWN program for serveral members, proving the value of networking and the value of someone like Caroline. She has an honest and unassuming approach to the subject and engages others by bringing her deep knwoledge while meeting others on their level.”


Vickie Wambura I (UK-Kenya)
Founder and CEO of Nafisika Trust Social Entrepreneur – Ashoka Fellow
Developing my leadership skills
“Before my coaching I was a leader in tittle, not in action” “Caroline helped face the problems,  identify and  fix them squarely” “I have seen myself grow as a leader and most importantly my team sees it and appreciates it”.
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Guilia Sergi I 30+ (Italy)
Social Innovation & Antimafia
Empower myself as a stong contributor and leader
Caroline has been an amazing coach for me and I would recommend her to anyone with no doubt. Through her guidance, I came to terms with deeper aspects of my professional self and I now feel more empowered and clear in my leadership and my career journey. Caroline managed to help me connect deeply with my strengths, my creativity, and even my womenhood. She is a great guide, never pushing you, but empowering you to eventually walk on your feet. I am very grateful.”


S. Jefferson I 30+ Top Talent (Paris)
Leadership coaching
“Caroline is calm but very strong and solid in her presence. This put me at ease but also makes me feel that she was taking me seriously and truly care. I felt extremely at ease with Caroline. She helped me to pause in my busy work and life schedule to reflect about my work and myself. I had these gut feelings, uncertainties about myself, my performance and the future and now I have a way to articulate, a plan to work on them and specific tips, tools and mindset to do so.”


Brian P. I 35 + (New-York City, USA)
Situational Coaching
“I enjoyed my experience, Caroline is very good. I believe with her guidance, input, feedback, etc. Caroline has me me a better manager.”